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Your network security might be safe for now but who knows when they will target you. Cyber hacking has gone from basement hackers being bored to serious business threats. Cyber-attacks form a major concern for businesses no matter the size or location meaning it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘’How well is my IT network protected?’’. 

Some governments even imposed new securities for companies where they are legally required to protect their data and information, that’s how serious these cyber-attacks are being handled. And with the rapid rate at which technology is growing it will only increase over the next years if not decades. Meaning that your IT security is an ongoing process, like fashion it never finishes, which is why your security shouldn’t just be another add-on to your IT department. But instead be an actual managed service that is constantly being monitored in case you do get a cyber-attack.

Because let’s face it, you don’t know what kind of e-mails your colleagues receive or open and one day it could just mean the end of your company’s data. Or worse! Steal your customers personal information released from your own systems and publish it on the internet (remember the Target hack?).

Now you might read this and think it’s another big media hype like the end of the world in 2012 but let’s look at the statistics here, last year alone it cost companies across the globe $445bn (US Dollars) to get back on their feet. Now you might have a big piggy bank at home, but to us that is a shocking number and one we prefer to keep in our pocket.

So if you are slightly worried and have any questions regarding your IT security, just drop on by, give us a call on 08 8932 7888 or shoot us an email and we will be happy to sort you out. 


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