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LG recently announced a rather interesting product for all you smartphone and tablet users out there. The LG Rolly Keyboard! (Does anyone else feel like singing Tina Turner's ''Rolling on the river/Proud Mary''?) Although it doesn't sound too amazing seeing as it is ''just another'' keyboard, it actually is more than just that. Besides being compact, wireless and stylish at doing so it also has the capability to put your tablet onto the arms which are built-in. What makes this product even better is that you can dual-link it, meaning that you will be able to use your keyboard with another tablet or smartphone with the simple click of a button no wires or complex settings required!

The keyboard requires a single AAA battery and is connected through Bluetooth making it easily compatible with every Smartphone or Tablet out there.

LG's Rolly will officially be announced at the Germany's tech show IFA which is due next week the 4th of September.  



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