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Some of you might already have a Lenovo, others might be conflicted as to who or what Lenovo exactly is. In short, it's a computer manufacturer of business grade computers and laptops and second biggest market player in its field. What makes Lenovo so famous is their durability and reliability for business use, a computer or laptop has a lot to endure when they are used for business purposes and the low end consumer brand ones often tend to malfunction after a short while.

Lenovo also targets the consumer market with their own products and has recently announced a new line up of their computers and laptops. These laptops are currently on par with your more standard consumer brands such as Asus or HP and is known by some as the Y-Generation. Last week Lenovo announced the new Y700 Laptop series which comes in either a 14'', 15.6'' or 17.3'' screen be it Full HD (1920x1080) or 4K (3840x2160), Intel's latest i7 CPU Skylake generation and either a Nvidia GTX960M or a Radeon R9 video card.


The laptop also comes with JBL audio system and a small sub-woofer on the bottom of the laptop giving you an epic gaming experience. Although you can find these specifications with various other manufacturers the great thing about the Lenovo Y laptops is that they tend to be less pricey. If you are getting one of these laptops you should definitely check out the accesoires that are available with it; Headset, backpack or mouse.

Lenovo also announced a new gaming desktop computer which is the Y700 and the Y900, both support the new gen Skyle Intel processors. The Y700 packing a single GTX 970 graphics card and up to 32GB of RAM. Or the Y900 which supports 2x GTX980 cards and 64GB of RAM. 

Both the desktop and laptop will be available from October onwards, pricing will follow. Make sure to check out our website by then and we will be happy to make you one of the first customers in Australia who gets to play around with this beauty. 

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