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Technology is rather expensive and depreciates even faster, so it’s understandable if you want to hold onto it for as long as possible seeing as it is quite the investment every time you spend it on new equipment. Because of continuous improvements it’s well worth frequently checking your IT infrastructure and if need be upgrading your equipment sooner rather than later. After all you never know when it might stop working thereby bringing a lot of frustration or even worse; data loss.

It might be different to what you are used to, a lot of companies purchase hardware with the set goals of running for 3-5 years and then replacing it, no matter the state it is in. This can provide you with a stable financial depreciation and balance ensuring you won’t have any unexpected expenses, provided that you keep the PC clean and take good care of it. Obviously this is the optimal situation and is hardly the case, but sometimes all a PC needs is a new component and a bit of care taking.

Manage your possessions

The task of regularly checking your PC to see if they need replacing can be simplified. It is definitely worth trying implementing an asset-management tool which keeps track of every device you’ve registered in your business, whether being it a printer or router you will have a clear overview on what might have to be thrown on out or needs some extra care.

This in return will help optimize productivity, because your IT hardware will no longer be a bottleneck for your own employees. Giving them the tools to work at the best of their capabilities. Other issues could be the product running at its end of its life cycle. 

And always make sure that whatever you replace or update to make backups of your initial data! Or if it is sensitive data to completely erase it first and then carry on purchasing new hardware, in any case be careful with your data. 

If you are currently looking for update your IT hardware or might be interested in either an Asset-Management Tool or a free hardware assessment feel free to give the team at Ategra a call on 08 8932 7888 or send us an email and we will be happy to sort you out. 



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