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From your head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes). The potential dangers of Overuse Injury or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Laptops, our newest best friends as of late can be quite sinister. For as much as we love them and they love us they can be quite the pain (literally), this is because they are responsible for more than just the occasional headache . Yes - I am talking about you Mr. ergonomics - for you see posture has always been a vital aspect when growing up - I mean remember the whole decent table manners sit up straight, elbows of the table etc. etc. - turns out Mum wasn't that just saying that to pester you but it was actually important for your body so you wouldn't grow up and turn into a Quasimodo. 

''throw away your laptop right now'' 

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It is almost time for your Tax return! Now you’re probably wondering what does that have to do with an IT company such as Ategra? 

Did You Know 

that you can fully depreciate up to 20k for small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million.That’s right! You no longer have to wait for 5 years until you have fully reclaimed the depreciation of a recently acquired piece of hardware IT equipment. I mean you would still have to wait until June – July but that sure beats waiting an additional 4 years doesn’t it? Just think of all the fun things you can buy with your tax return.


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The ‘’Tiny’’ Lenovo

 Some say it’s not all about the size but about the motion in the ocean, in this case they are correct especially when it comes to a computer! One from Lenovo in this particular scenario, but don’t let the name fool you for this Tiny PC packs a punch! Now you’re probably wondering ‘’what’s so special about this PC then?’’ And that would be the Plug & Play compatibility, unlike other computers where you buy the desktop/case and a separate monitor this computer can actually be put into a screen! That’s right you just put the Tiny Lenovo M73 into a separate monitor and you are ready to go and use it like any other computer except that your PC is hidden.

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Windows 10 available soon! How Soon? 29th of July Soon.

Windows 10 will be made available for free on the 29th of July, Microsoft announced it yesterday saying that current Windows 7/8 users should have already noticed a small icon popping up in the right bottom corner. When pressed on said icon it will pop-up a new screen asking to reserve 3GB of data for the new Windows 10.

However if you can’t wait till then to buy a new PC, don’t worry! If you purchase a computer with Windows 7 or 8 pre-installed you can upgrade it for free with no strings attached.

Windows 10 is all about a more personal experience yet increasing productivity, the famous start menu button will be put back into place and a totally upgrade Microsoft Office 2016. Windows 10 will also introduce the first digital assistant for PC’s named Cortana.  



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There's a reason why business technology is categorized differently than consumer

technology. For example, nobody in their right mind has a photocopy machine the size of a

Smart Car sitting in the home office.  More is demanded from business technology, which is

why you need a professional partner to assist you with your professional technology!

Business Technology

There's More to Business Technology

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