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intel nucIntel has announced it will discontinue making desktop motherboards after 2016.

Intel has decided to move to other form factors, see later, but will still make reference chipsets for the Asian motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS and GIGABYTE.

The decision comes as no surprise given the bleak PC sales in 2012. Dell and HP’s PC and laptop sales have declined in the order of 20% in the last year. Intel will focus on it’s ULTRABOOK the half tablet half laptop which is being marketed aggressively by OEM manufacturers at the present.

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mcafee logoRecently , within the space of a week, I have worked on 3 dell PC’s running Windows Vista which have all suddenly lost their internet access. On closer inspection it turned out that these machines had serious network issues ranging from being unable to ping their default gateway or worse still they could not get an IP address from their ADSL/Router.

The common thread between these machines was Vista and McAfee and the fix was to uninstall and reinstall McAfee on these machines.

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2013 vinnies ceo sleepoutI just signed up to take part in the 2013 Vinnies #CEOSleepout. Help me fundraise at


Imagine running a business where your services are so high in demand that you need to turn away half your customers - every day?

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office 365Mobile Office Apps

Have you ever you wanted to be able to work on your docs on your tablet or iPhone using your favourite Microsoft apps, well now you can and for no cost...


With tablet computing on the rise and the dearth of tablets running Windows natively most of you have an iPad , iPhone or a mobile device running android which do not have word processors , spreadsheets or powerpoint.


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Is your Identity safe?

Are you using the web safely?

How do you guard your identity when using the internet?

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