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Ategra is a professional IT Support company providing reliable and inexpensive support to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Topend.


Ategra professional IT support team can access and diagnose all possible IT and computer problems that might be happening.

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. Slow networks and downtime costs affect your bottom line. By taking a proactive approach to network management, Ategra does not only keep your network up and running, but running effectively and efficiently.

Ategra IT Support

Ategra IT Support

Do you want your business to be able to compete by using big business IT solutions?

Ategra IT Support

Smart phones, iPhones & Mobiles

Have the latest iPhone or smartphone? Are you getting the best from your smartphone or iPhone?

Ategra IT Support

Backup & Data Recovery

Are you sure your Backup is secure and working? We have a solution for every Backup problem.

Ategra IT Support

Internet Safety & Resources

Slow Internet? You may be able to fix it!. There is nothing more frustrating than when your internet grinds to a halt!

Ategra IT Support

Cloud Services & Applications

Ategra’s solutions and expertise builds the right IT structure to cover the lifecycle of business technology needs.

Ategra IT Support

Email Archiving & Troubleshooter

When do you have to recover an email? Email archiving and data retention is a hot topic.

Ategra IT Support

Spam Prevention & Reduction

Are you getting too many spam emails in your inbox each day? It is a problem that does not need to exist.


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Not sure what you need?

It could simply mean that you want to outsource the IT hassle to someone else.

Nowadays IT is a necessity but that doesn't necessarily mean that you embrace it. It could be that your staff, or the boss, is complaining about the system. It could be that as part of your plan for growth you need to implement a new system.

Michael Parker, the Owner of The Ategra Computer Technology says:
I am completely sympathetic to these concerns and has spoken to hundreds of businesses about everything from email to enterprise applications.

The staff at Ategra Computer Technology work with all levels of users and owners and have a wealth of experience in solving problems.


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