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There is nothing more frustrating than when your internet grinds to a halt!

Emails stop and if you use any type of cloud system you simply cannot work until it is backed up.

If you have remote users they are also unable to login to the system.

Customers can't get contact and you don’t know what you’ve missed.

We have all had those annoying phone calls to the Internet provider’s callcentre that take hours and asking us if we have rebooted the router.  You wouldn't be phoning them if that solved the problem!

The fact is that more and more of your business functions are reliant on an internet connection but ironically it is the one part of the system that is not taken very seriously.

At Ategra Computer Technology we can go through with you some simple options that will give you peace of mind and that will enable you and your staff to keep on working.

Slow Internet? You may be able to fix it!

If you notice your Internet is slowing down at certain times, it’s a good idea to check and see if any of these six bandwidth hogs are in action.

In many parts of the Territory, the Internet is quick enough to allow businesses to operate solely in the cloud with relatively few problems.  There are however issues with many Internet connections, and at times the service can slow to a crawl, leaving many managers wondering what is going on and how to fix it.

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Have you noticed that from time to time the Internet is a lot slower than it should be? If so, this could be because something is hogging all the bandwidth, which is the rate at which data is transferred in and out of one connection.  Here are six of the most common bandwidth hogs.

  1. YouTube. If you allow employees to watch YouTube or connect to other streaming services, and they are using it frequently, you’ll notice a significant decrease in overall Internet speed.  One Territory Company called us in to find out why their network was slow and they could not find out why, Ategra was able to quickly identify that just 3 staff using YouTube accounted for over half of the total bandwidth usage.
  2. FTP sites. Some companies run FTP sites that host essential files that employees can download. When more employees are downloading/uploading files to the FTP site there’s less bandwidth available for other operations, so the Internet will be slower.
  3. P2P. P2P covers a large number of aspects including video conferencing and sharing of files via programs such as Bittorrent. All P2P services use an incredibly large amount of bandwidth when in operation, slowing Internet to a point where speeds from 10 years ago were faster.
  4. Online backup. Backing up essential files will capitalize bandwidth leaving very little for other operations. It’s a good idea to conduct backups after office hours to minimize interruptions.
  5. Encryption. In certain industries regulatory bodies require a certain level of encryption, or for companies to take certain steps to secure data. Any extra encryption or security features will slow sites down, however this usually cannot be avoided.
  6. Spam/Virus/Malware. As many scams aim at stealing information the main way this is done is by sending the information over an Internet connection, that is your Internet connection. If you have viruses or other security threats you can guarantee that your Internet will be slower.

Steps you can take yourself include:

  • conduct a virus scan to look for malware;
  • ensure your computers aren’t backing up and if they are schedule the backup for later;
  • turn off or block any and all sharing services, and schedule video conferencing for times when bandwidth isn’t needed by other functions; and,
  • limit the bandwidth assigned to YouTube and other streaming services.

Before you tinker with any network connections though, it’s best to contact an expert .  We can help identify the problem and resolve it, we could even provide an even better solution for you, speeding up your connection and your business success.

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