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Managed Business Messaging solution without the licensing, hardware, and support costs

Email has become the most important communication medium of modern business and is now expected to be accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Is This Your Business?

Email is the foundation business tool for communicating with staff, customers, and partners.  As organisations strive to improve the efficiency of their operations they are increasingly looking for ways to connect their staff to each other and their customers more effectively.  The modern enterprise expects its staff to be able to communicate with customers and colleagues alike at any time, from anywhere.

Users must be able to schedule appointments, book resources, and share information at any time from an ever increasingly large range of devices, and they need to be able to do it in a way that does not compromise security.

At the same time, organisations are looking to reduce capital expenditure and build flexibility into their IT systems so they can adjust to changing workloads and market conditions.  These requirements have made in-house email systems increasingly complex and costly to manage.


What is Managed Business Messaging?

Ategra’s Managed Business Messaging is an affordable, premium email service that provides you and your staff with the ability to communicate better and work smarter, which can substantially improve the way your business operates.

Managed Business Messaging is based on Microsoft® Exchange Server technology, which is a sophisticated email messaging solution traditionally used by large companies who possess the resources to install and maintain their own in-house Exchange Server.  For many small and medium businesses, however, running an Exchange Server themselves is generally not an option because it involves specialist skills, time and significant capital expenditure.

With Managed Business Messaging, small and medium businesses that have typically relied upon basic POP email can now access this big business technology at an affordable monthly price, to achieve much more from their email system than simply sending and receiving emails.  Not only does Managed Exchange have a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than managing your own Exchange Server, because all maintenance is taken care of by Ategra, it also allows you and your staff to focus on your core business.


Advantages of Using Managed Business Messaging Over Standard Email

Managed Business Messaging

  • Business-grade product
  • Data stored on each local PC and on servers at Ategra, with regular off-site backup to help to reduce the risk of data loss
  • Comprehensive built-in protection against viruses and spam
  • Access Email, Contacts, Calendar, Public Folders, Archive Folders, Meeting Planner and Task Lists when away from the office
  • Share Emails, Contact lists, Calendar schedules and documents that need to be accessed by a variety of people at various times using the Public Folder facility
  • Completely synchronized and backed up between your smartphone / iPhone / webmail / work computer & laptop or tablet computer

Standard POP Email

  • Consumer-grade product
    Important data stored on each local PC, which increases the risk of data loss via PC failure or theft
    No centrally-managed anti-virus or anti-spam filtering included
    Email only
    Limited accessibility when Aof the office
    Limited technical support


Why Ategra NearCloud Business Messaging?

NearCloud Managed Business Messaging offers Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration services, without the costly hardware, license and maintenance expense.  Synchronize messages, contacts, tasks and calendar information between your desktop, mobile device and Outlook Web Access — Business communication becomes a breeze.
As a long-standing Microsoft Silver Partner, Ategra has proven expertise in hosted Microsoft solutions.  Our services are delivered from our own state-of-the-art data centre, hosted locally in Darwin and data centres in other major capital cities.  What’s more, our flexible pricing model means that your business pays only for what you need with the flexibility to increase users in real time.


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