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I'm Worry-Free because...I can focus on my business...
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Today's business owners have two big concerns. One is having their technology investment running effectively, empowering their business, and the other one is keeping their computers, networks and data safe from online threats.  Ategra's Worry-Free IT Managed Service Plans alleviate these concerns. You can focus on your business and not technology.


  • Business IT Safety Essentials: entry level plan focussed on security and peace of mind at low cost
  • Managed IT Plan: a good balance of reduced support costs, strong IT support and IT strategy development
  • The Worry-Free IT Plan: total coverage, our risk, known costs

Preventative Services

Business Essentials

Managed IT

Worry-Free IT this site


24x7 Network Health Monitoring & Diagnostics



IT Safety Essentials Monitoring



Backup Checks & Monitoring





Microsoft Windows Maintenance



Testing of Actual Backups





Software Patch Management



Hardware Physical Checks





Advanced Security Audit and Plan




Online Backup





3rd Party LOB Application Management & Maintenance



Priority Rapid Response Services


Priority Rapid Response for All Key IT equipment & Services



Formal Job and Incident ticketing, tracking & Closure


Access to our Technical Support Helpdesk Desk


Unlimited Helpdesk Desk Resolutions




On site IT Support Engineer



Assigned IT Engineer




Any hours Callout or support Services




Unlimited On site Engineering



  Maximum 1.5 Hour Response to Critical IT System Outages  

  FREE Rapid Response Uplift, within Scope of Plan  

  24x7x365 Emergency IT Support  


  Discounted Rates for Additional Support & IT Projects


IT Management & Planning Services


Monthly Reporting




Business IT Strategy Meeting and Report


6 monthly



Procurement Assistance


Advanced Equipment Replacement




Black-Box-Firewall Staff Internet Control





Equipment lifecycle Management


* Optional numbers of support incidents

Ategra Worry-Free IT for your business

Technology delivers you opportunities but it can also bring risks. If the risks are ignored, they have the power to instantly cripple your business.

Without your IT systems most companies will have difculty servicing their customers, invoicing customers to keep the cash coming in, paying creditors to keep supplies coming in, and administering the business.

You can avoid this. For over 15 years we have been helping Territory businesses and organisations utilise technology to enable them to grow, be protable and effective, whilst at the same time allowing owners and managers to rest, assured that they have worry-free IT.

Your needs may be different from other businesses. Ategra has developed a range of Worry-Free IT support plans that meet every need. These range from our IT Safety Essentials Plan through to an all-inclusive Worry-Free Elite plan.

Business IT Safety Essentials

Business IT Safety Essentials

entry level plan focussed on security and peace of mind at low cost

This entry level IT support plan is designed for small and micro businesses to help them cover the basics that regularly cause IT disasters.  It includes:

  • Antivirus / Anti-spam / Antispyware - we will manage and keep up-to-date your essential security, preventing costly downtime and data loss
  • Monitor your backups weekly - and let you know if there are ever any problems
  • Monitor the performance of your server "brain" and storage - and will advise you if there is an issue, and how to address it
  • Manage the security patches on your PCs and Servers - a time consuming task that needs to be carried out regularly and properly to prevent downtime and loss of productivity
  • Monthly basic maintenance schedule - on all your systems to help keep them tuned. It's not as comprehensive as our Worry-Free IT or Managed IT maintenance plans, but it's a lot better than doing nothing and letting your computers grind to a halt!

Worry-Free IT Plan

Worry Free IT Elite Plan

total coverage, our risk, known costs

The Worry-Free IT plan is for businesses that do not want to take any risks or shortcuts in protecting their business technology investment.

For bigger businesses and those with special needs, The Worry-Free IT replaces all aspects of having internal IT to cover ALL requirements.  It includes all the services of the Managed IT and Business IT Safety Essentials plans plus:

  • Chief Information Office (CIO) role - provided by us, to be present when required at your management meetings and active in your technology planning.  We provide a range of regular reports, including one that shows exactly which againsts of your technology are slowing your staff productivity meaning that with some minimal expenditure, you could get a substantially higher return from your team.
  • Minimum of 20 hours per month of technical support - tailored to your exact needs.  This is very useful for businesses that have a lot of small physical jobs each month such as setting-up computers and phones for new staff and changing and ordering printer supplies
  • Remote support services  - fully budgeted and onsite
  • Monthly maintenance and backup testing – included in the price
  • Our world-leading monitoring systems - that detect and diagnose many faults before they cause downtime and constantly monitor key business-safety aspects of IT like backups, viruses and hard drive health
  • Unlimited after-hours 24x7 technical support - for critical equipment and key staff
  • Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-spam software - included in the agreement
  • Domains & Internet presence - fully secured, managed and maintained
  • Staff Internet usage control and reporting - stop or manage access to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc, or only allow it during set hours.  Report on exactly what Internet facilities your staff are using, or if you prefer restrict it entirely
  • Fixed monthly fee - for easy budgeting
  • Priority assigned engineer - a dedicated engineer is personally assigned to your business for ongoing continuity.  This means your business has a highly skilled engineer who is part of your team, coordinating and attending to issues and completely across your specific business and IT needs.

Guaranteed Rapid Response

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